About balu

Balu - the outdoor brand for parents who like to be outdoors a lot and everyone else who values sustainable outdoor clothing.

My name is Katja and I founded balu during my parental leave. Inspired by my time with my children, I have since created a number of products that I can no longer imagine my everyday life (with 2 small children) without. With my unique products, developed with great attention to detail, I would also like to help you simplify your everyday life and make it more comfortable.

Every single balu product I offer has been developed with passion and dedication. Of course, all of this already exists in some form, but not as good ;-)

I attach great importance to the use of sustainable and pollutant-free materials, a timelessly beautiful design, a great cut and careful workmanship.
Even when I'm not sitting at my sewing machine at home, the creation of my products is very complex: first comes the idea, then the design sketch and technical drawing, the selection of materials (which requires visits to trade fairs, among other things), the sampling at the producer's with instructions on how the cut should be exactly, then the pattern assessment, etc. In other words, my products go through a number of stages. In other words, my products go through a critical process until they are as perfect as I would like them to be and I think they are good enough to present to the outside world and send all over the world.

Why you can be sure that my products meet the highest quality standards:
I studied clothing technology and textile and clothing management. The practical training in a fully equipped industrial sewing laboratory and the critical insight into the entire textile value chain, including textile chemistry, were not neglected. In addition, I worked as a product manager for personal protective equipment for more than 10 years and know exactly which laws, regulations and standards need to be complied with in order to bring a safe product to market.

And because I have been working in the industry and developing textile products for so long...
...I know exactly who produces the materials used
...I have an Ökotex certificate for every material (from the fabric to the zipper to the embroidery thread and label)
...I know the people who sew my items together personally
...I know how to create a good cut and how the workmanship must be so that it corresponds to the product and is durable
...you can be sure that the textile labeling complies with all legal requirements